Showing at Goldsmiths' Fair 2018

Nan Nan has been selected to be showcasing at Goldsmiths' Fair 2018 September 25-30 September @ stand 24

After a year break from shows and fairs but focused on pushing through commissions, She also went away to study new silversmithing skills. Now she is ready to pull out a new silver collection. Here she just finished making the first new piece for the fair based on her first paper model made 10 years ago. picture attached:MORE silver sculpture Making progress for Goldsmtihs' fair 2018  

above: Paper model, below: silver sculpture in progress 

"MORE" Silver sculpture made of fine silver wires with 9ct yellow gold wire

Nan Nan has been refining her soldering skill more than 10 years, this latest piece She created would definitely worth to go and see. also, finding out other amazing unique collectible Contemporary Silver and Jewellery pieces by different well-known makers.